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Friday, March 4, 2016

Headed to Winnemucca this morning!

Wednesday we got over to Coleville, CA just before 1000.  They got the wood loaded quickly and we headed home.  Just a beautiful relaxing drive.  

Just before 1300 we decided to check out the new Mexican restaurant in town our neighbor Joe told us about.  Drive by there all the time, but didn't pay attention to the new sign, as we had been to the restaurant that was there one time right after we moved here and it was terrible.  Anyway, Joe said the new one El Corteze was wonderful.  It was delicious!  A lot of great food for your money.  Brought half of mine home.  We were so full we didn't have dinner Wednesday night.  

Yesterday I spent a little time with my hula hoe and a quick trip to the grocery store.  Rest of the day I spent getting ready to leave today, and so did Ken.  He found the trap in the cabover was leaking so he worked on that and got all his stuff ready to go.  

When we were on vacation we saw several people using "The Little Red Campfire" it's a propane fire pit.  Small and compact but looks like a wood fire, but no smoke!  So after we got home I ordered one from Amazon, Ken started it yesterday and it's going to be really nice we're thinking.  We still like regular fires in the fire pit, but this will be nice if we don't want to haul firewood, or like last year because of the drought several campgrounds didn't allow campfires, but these are allowed.  

So, this am about 1000 we'll head out for Winnemucca and the Ranch Hand Rodeo.  We'll be back Monday, if all goes as planned.  No word yet on the money pit (97 Ford)..but I assume we'll pick it up on Tuesday.  

Happy Anniversary Bryan and Cheryl...17 years!  Cheryl said Bryan got the day off so they'll probably do lunch and a movie today.  

Grandson, Mason at Baseball practice! 

Grandson, Aaron and his 4.0 certificate!
Way to go Aaron! Keep it up, I see Annapolis in your future!

The sunset out the kitchen window was awesome last night!

I usually keep a log of expenses when we travel so just a little update from our trip to Yuma and back home...We were gone exactly 28 days.

2372 miles traveled

403 for gas 

365 for camping...

850 for food, liquor, propane, eating out and everything else..

The gas being cheap really helped. I remember taking the Ford to Don's house which is just a little over this mileage we spent $800.00 in Diesel just to get there.  The one time we took the Patriot (which gets much better mileage than the Tundra pulling the trailer) and we spent over $450.00 to get there.  Love the gas prices, but sure by the time we head for Don's in the fall they'll probably be a lot higher.  

Next year, the LTVA at $40.00 for two weeks really helps the camping fees.  But once Ken turns 65 in December we buy a parks pass for NV State Parks ($30.00 a year) and paying $28.00 dollars a night turns into FREE!! 

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