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Thursday, February 11, 2016

A 40 mile move to Parker, AZ

Yesterday morning we awoke to a beautiful, sunny morning.  Took our time (geez when don't we)..and left Quartzsite at about 1130.  We planned on getting to LaPaz around lunchtime or so.  When we got here there was a "dry camp only" sign at the entrance..ohoh..amazing how packed this place is!  We were hoping to stay till Saturday am as they have this huge swap meet that happens every Saturday during "Snowbird" months!  Well, they got us a electric and water site, but we have to be out on Friday as this is the area of the swap meet.  WE do have a view of the Colorado River, but the rest of the site is nothing to write home about!  

So we unhooked and headed about 4 miles if that over to Buckskin MT State Park.  We knew site A was not available but thought we'd see if they had anything else.  So we have site 21 reserved for Friday and then Sat we'll just drive over here for the swap meet.  We'll be there Friday and Sat and then head to Lake Havasu for a few days.  Forgot that is Rockabilly weekend so we'll probably have to camp in overflow..but that's ok.  

After we got back headed to the Roadrunner for an hour or two..love the differences of people that hang in these parks!  It's a fun little place with decent priced drinks.  

Came back to the trailer, watched a movie and had dinner.  Actually had to turn on the a/c in the trailer!  Cools off  nicely overnight.  

So it's Thursday morning..probably run into town, grab some ice and a few things.  Late afternoon probably have an early dinner at the Roadrunner and just enjoy the day!  Supposed to be about 84 today..love it!  

Don and Dana you're in our thoughts....
The girls posted these on FB yesterday so thought I'd share...

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