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Saturday, November 16, 2019

Finally, a quick update! Owen's party, visiting family and getting ready for San Diego and Graduation!

Don't know what it is, but just didn't have the blogging bug in me.   I want to make it happen,  but this last week has flown and every day I have good intentions and then the day is gone! 

I'm going to attempt a quick catch up..

Last Friday we headed over to Cal Expo RV Park for two nights.  Saturday was our great nephew, Owen's 5th birthday.  Not only is a great excuse to celebrate him but we also knew we'd get lucky and see 2 of 3 sons and their families. 

Owen's Fifth Birthday Party...

Owen and his USMC hoodie, just like his
cousin Seth's...He will be happy to see Seth on

Some of his presents..the play house was already at Grandma's..

Eric and Christina 

Some of the food and there was Pizza! Lots of it!

Chelsea, Cassidy and Eric..

I made a poster as Owen and Seth's Birthday are on the 10th.
People signed it, Eric and Christina took it home ..

Youngest son Russell with wife Lori..

The Birthday boy..it was a Super Hero party...:) 

A little cutie! 

Like always his mom and dad along with Grandma and Grandpa go all out.  It was a great time and of course Owen got tons of stuff! LOL.  

Look at that Face!! :) 

Christina and little Cassidy..

Christina and Jesse talking, Ken and Mason at the end..

Jesse, Eric and Ken..

Love our sunsets! :) 

Sunday we had planned on heading home, but Bryan (our oldest) is off on Sundays so we decided to meet Bryan, Cheryl and Eric's family at Terry's Pizza in  Georgetown for lunch.  We actually had time to swing by Bryan's house first and then at 1200 we headed over.  Had a great lunch that was actually made by grandson, Adam.  He works for the State Park system, but on days off he'll work at Terry's just because.  That was a nice surprise. :) 
Our lunch group..From left, Aubrey, Ken, Mason, Eric, Christina
and Holly..Eric brought the 61..nice to see it on the road! 

After a long lunch we said good bye and headed back to Bryan's where the party continued.LOL.  Long story short, we ended up spending the night.  We got up Monday morning and left a little after 0600 to head back to the trailer at Cal Expo.  

Had our coffees, breakfast and showers then headed towards home.   Of course we ended up in Minden at close to 1400 so we pulled in to CVI and had Linner. 

The rest of the week flew by, mostly at home except Thursday Ken needed a blood test done, so we headed for Carson City. As long as we were there we made a run to Reno to Total Wine and then to Winco for some things. 
We made pizza this week, that's my zucchini squash crust on the left.
Ken's regular is on the right..

One day I got a hankering to start some Christmas decorating.  Of course hubby thinks it's too early. I disagree!  Put some Christmas blankets on the beds and then headed to the bunk house.  Got a few things done in there and I feel better :) 
Our room :)  It's snowmen so that doesn't really count as
Christmas right?! 

Guest room..

2nd guest room..just a little bit of Christmas..

The bunk house..I need new garland to finish it up!

Karen had been visiting her hubby in Southern CA and got home yesterday afternoon so of course we had to go there for Happy Hour yesterday just when I'd started the blog. 
We had a couple of nice fires this week :)  I've got to get
Ken to get the Christmas lights up around the bunkhouse and
outhouse..then it'll be perfect 💗

This morning we were awake having coffee and visiting with our blogging friends. Once that was out of the way I made my way into the kitchen to start Seth's fruit cocktail cake that he wants me to bring on Thursday. Got it done and now it's in the freezer until we leave on Wednesday. :)  I'm thinking sugar overload haha. 

Made some new muffins for Ken as I had crushed pineapple left over, so we'll see how he likes them in the am. Turkey meatloaf sounded good so got that done. After lunch today I decided to do a little online shopping as a few of the boys told me what they would like.  On sale too!! 
Christina ordered shirts for all of us on Family Day..I had to
shorten mine or it would have been too long...

Got our Patriot Wreath up ..in honor of my daddy
and his service to America 💙

Now it's time to get this posted and hopefully i'll be able to stay more caught up! 
Aaron received Offensive MVP for the season!
His first year playing high school football..
He's REALLY good!

This is going to be a great week.  Tomorrow we're headed to Old Town Pizza in Roseville, CA for a quick one day turnaround.  Our Grandson, Jacob turns 18 on Monday so his party is tomorrow at 1100.  You only turn 18 once! 

Birthday boy, Jacob and his sweetie Allissa

They took a trip to Lake Tahoe last weekend

Wednesday we head for San Diego, CA. It's been close to 20 years since we've visited that city back when Russell was in the Marines.  Thursday we'll see our Marine for the first time in 3 months for Family Day!  Friday morning is the graduation ceremony! He'll be coming home to Cool, CA Saturday evening for 10 days. Hoping he gets Recruiters Assistance then it could be longer. 

Have a great evening.  Thinking it's Happy Hour time! :)


  1. My you have been busy! What a GREAT birthday party!!! Cal Expo is one of my favorite stops when heading north.

    1. Our family is in Sacramento and surrounding areas so Cal Expo is a great place to be centrally located for visiting. :) Love our family gatherings for parties, and these little ones are growing way too quickly!

  2. Birthday parties are fun, especially when it is family. Great time for visits and food!
    Happy Birthday to the little guy and the big guy.
    Love the blankets but I agree with Ken. Too soon!! hahaha

    1. Thank you Patsy! You had to do it and agree with Ken..haha. I think I'm winning though..we shall see..

  3. A lot of parties, all of them fun, great food, great company and lots of smiles. Happy Birthday to all in need of that wish.
    I like the decorations and the festive feel one gets from seeing your efforts. Never too early.
    Great catch up post!!!

  4. Thank you Deb! Yep the get togethers are always fun! Thanks for agreeing never too early! I love Christmas and it just seems the feeling goes by way too fast!

  5. Lots of great family time you two have been having. Love seeing all the pictures. I hate to do this to you but as much as I like decorating for Christmas I have to agree with Ken...lol the day after Thanksgiving is my day to decorate...LOL I do love the blankets though and you are right snowmen do not count...:) Great bed in the bunk house.
    Safe travels.

  6. You are too cute Deb! I'll pass it on to hubby...