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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Carson City, Reno, home today, and a change in travel plans

Tuesday morning we set the alarm for 0500 so we could get the day going early.  Visited with our blogging friends and had our coffees.  I made us some breakfast and we actually hit the road near 0800.  Had a nice drive to Carson City, stopping by a trailer place in Dayton to see if they had a tire and wheel for our 20 foot trailer.  They didn't.  We then stopped at Discount Tire in Carson City and they had both in stock.  We left it,and then ran over to Wal Mart to do some shopping. I went my way and Ken went his as we were buying different things. 

After leaving a decent deposit there, we went back to Discount Tire and got our new wheel.  From there we headed over to Reno so we could stop by the bank and get the pink slip for the Money Pit and then to Total Wine for my wine I like to drink (decent deposit there also) haha.. 

We were nearing 1300 so back to Carson and visited our favorite Chinese place there.  Wonderful Hot and Sour Soup and then a great lunch.  Some of mine came home with us and Ken will have it with dinner tonight. 

Talking about food reminded me that the spinach/mushroom lasagna I made the other day was AWESOME!  We both loved it and will definitely make it again. 

After lunch yesterday we headed home and unloaded stuff.  Time to call it a day and enjoy a happy hour together.  Ken didn't want dinner but i had a little of the lasagna. YUM.

This morning (Wednesday) we didn't wake till almost 0700!  Our regular morning and it was slow going, just because we weren't going anywhere.  I decided to head for town and mail a special envelope and then see if I could get my hair cut which I did. Ken was home working on changing out the tire on the trailer, so we've got 4 good tires on the trailer and 2 spares with a little tread. We'll be heading to CA Saturday to say bye bye to the Money PIt.  It was a nice day with warmer temps than we've had for quite awhile. The wind came up this afternoon and cooled things off.  We're both inside now and I'm getting ready for our own Happy Hour. 

Well, we've had some changes to our travel plans this winter.  Ken finally called the surgeon to do the shoulder replacement surgery.  He's been trying not too call but it's time.  At this point he can't reach across his chest to touch his other shoulder.  When driving he has to use both arms to put the truck/car from drive to park. It's just too painful.  Today we got a call for an appointment with Dr. Cummings on January 24th.  So here's how it stands now...We won't be leaving for AZ until after that, depending on the surgery date.  If they schedule like they did for his hernia last year we won't be leaving at all..:(  WE'll just have to wait and see.  

Just remembered...9 years ago today we both retired! Best thing we ever did!!

Have a wonderful evening everyone. 

Grandson, Jacob is playing his last year of high school basketball, so I had to steal these from Facebook. 

One of the rare pictures where you don't see him
smiling!  I so see his daddy, Russell in this pic

There's that smile

Jacob 2nd from the right top row..:)


  1. Good luck with Ken's surgery hope all goes well.
    Retirement is the best job, we have ever had too 13 years ago for us. But we don't get any day off, gotta love it !

    1. Thanks George! any idea when you are leaving Q? Love getting a pay check for doing what ever we want!

    2. Yes this pay checks are sure nice , we should be here until the end of the month. Hope you can make it.

  2. Good luck with the appointment and the surgery, I hope all goes well.
    Travel plans are always subject to life's interruptions. Retirement is a wonderful thing.

    1. Thank you Deb. We'll see how it goes and if we can we'll head south..won't know til the 24th though..Yep retirement is wonderful.

  3. Oh dear, that's too bad but Ken needs to get it looked after for sure! Sounds like he is a procrastinator like so many I know. :) Hoping things work out.
    Coming up 3 years Mar. 31 for me and it seems so much longer. We've done so much!

    1. Believe me if there's enough break between appt and surgery we'll head south! When do you guys leave Q?

  4. Ken is making a good call. May as well get things fixed up so he can continue to enjoy his well deserved retirement. You guys have so much to do and enjoy. need to do it pain-free.

  5. Thanks Dave! Seems there's never a good time to have this done (which is why he keeps putting it off)...:)