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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Catch up just because I'll forget :)

Decided to do a quick update just so I don't forget everything in the last week or so.  Friday we had a 1140 appointment at Best Buy to take the Mac in for service. Quick trip to Walmart to pick up what we forgot the last time :)  

At Best Buy we got checked in right away with Nathaniel, a very nice and smart young man.  He went through things and then discovered that I had so many pictures on the Mac that was the problem of why it shut down along with some old security software that popped up its ugly head.   Long story short, we bought a outisde hard drive (I believe) and left the Mac there for the updates and for them to transfer the pics.  He thought it would be relatively quick but that store is so busy and they don't have enough "Geeks" for the Geek Squad (my opinion). 

We had a great lunch at CVI and then headed home.  John and Karen invited us over for Happy Hour so of course we went. 

Saturday we had a 0815 appointment with our other neighbors at Dini's for breakfast and that's always enjoyable. I got my Christmas curtains done for the bunkhouse finally.  Ken did his thing outside, and because it's getting cold in the evenings some of that meant getting firewood on the front porch. 

Sunday was baking day for me and trying out making oven fried onion rings.  Ken was bar b quing burgers for dinner. The onion rings definitely need a tweaking or a different recipe but the zuchinni fries turned out well. We went to John and Karen's for Happy Hour once again, but left so we could get home to bar b q. While we were there we mentioned getting a little frig for the bunkhouse and they offered to give us one that was barely used. Yay.  We headed home, made a fire in the pit out back and Ken bar b qued.  Yum

Monday was a stay at home day.  Leftovers for dinner of spaghetti squash, sauce, grilled veggies (ground turkey for Ken).  Ken went and got the frig and it fits perfectly.  I'll do pics when I get the Mac back. 

There is no update on Mac, Nathaniel called on Saturday evening asking a couple of questions and said he was off Sunday and I'm assuming Monday but that he was leaving notes for another tech. I kept hoping to hear, so I called on Sunday evening and spoke with John who thought it would be ready later that evening or first thing Monday..uh huh.. No call Monday, so we'll see today.  We actually have an appointment to pick it up on Thursday so I hope it's not that long! 

My sister Wendy had to got to emergency on Sunday afternoon for stomach pains. She's got a blockage in her intestines, similar to what she had several years ago.  She's still there as of this morning but hoping they can take care of this without surgery. They had to do surgery the last time.  She's such a sweetie but doesn't take care of herself very well.  Hopefully this time she'll do better :) Love ya Wendy!


  1. Too many pictures on your Mac can cause issues, that is why I back up on and external drive, and very year or so take them completely off my computer. 10 years at 100K a year sure does use a lot of space. Hope it all works out for you.
    Hope your sister will be ok.

  2. Guess I found that out the hard way George..haha. I think that's what we bought, an external drive. Get it back today! YAY! Wendy is still in hospital, hopefully this time she'll listen to the doctors and what to do once she gets out..thank you for your concern :)

  3. Well, at least you learned something about your Mac. I download my pics onto an external hard drive as well but haven't removed them from my laptop. I don't have a Mac. Hope you get it back soon.
    I hope that your sister doesn't need surgery, maybe 2nd time around she will take more care.