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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Cooking, Goldfield, NV and Tonopah, NV waiting for a concert

Yesterday morning (Friday) we got ourselves up and going.  I knew it was a cooking day for me and to get ready to head for Tonopah on Saturday morning. Did our visiting with our friends and having our coffees.  

First things first. My hair was driving me crazy and needed a good cut.  I ran to the bank and then by the salon in town.  Shari is really good as long as I can get across what I want and yesterday I succeeded.  About an hour later I was back home and pleased with what she did.  Ken likes it too. A lot shorter than normal but should be easy to care for.  

After that it was time to get to baking and making some macaroni salad for Ken. I cooked up some flourless peanut butter muffins and added some blueberries that I had from a mix I threw out..way too many carbs for this girl to eat. The muffins turned out awesome. Ken had to try one just because and he liked it.  I made him some applesauce oatmeal muffins with added apple pieces. Then it was on to the cheddar macaroni salad.  Yum.  He went outside and bar b q ued some chicken thighs for Saturday nights dinner. 
Ken's applesauce oatmeal muffins

Flourless peanut butter with blueberries..See the half one,
hubby had to try one :) 

Ken's chicken thighs and macaroni salad

Forgot I made flourless chocolate cookies..Patsy's recipe is

About 1700 we sat down to have drink.  1800 or so we headed next door for a continued Happy Hour.  We were there till about 2000 and then headed home to get some dinner and call it a night.  Leftover tacos for dinner.  

Alarm was set for 0500 so just about 0520 we were having our coffee and computer time.  Checking in on all our friends to see what they've been up to. Breakfast and then we headed out the door around 0900.  We knew we were going to Goldfield which is about 26 miles past Tonopah before we checked into the motel. 
Good morning from Yerington, NV

The larges flag in Nevada.  Hawthorne, NV!

Goldfield is an old mining town and now not a lot of people (268 in 2010 census) inhabit this run down little town. It's cute though so we enjoyed driving around and looking at things.  They have some "antique" stores but most are closed and this is Saturday so when are they open?!  
The old hotel..sure wish someone would buy it and get it
going! You know there's ghosts in there!!

This place said open..but no one was around.

A beautiful fixer upper!


It was a little after 1300 so we decided to head for Dinky's Diner in town.  We should have eaten what I brought but we thought why not support the local economy?  I had their dinner salad ($3.75)..consisted of some lettuce, 4 small bites of tomato and cheddar cheese on top. The one I made at home was lots better.  Ken had the grilled chicken sandwich and fries. (10.95) and a glass of weak iced tea (2.75).  The chicken was cooked good but it was on regular bread so it slipped an slide and the fries were too salty. I saw the cook dump the salt, way too much and it took forever!  I'm only reviewing this so that if any of you ever go by Dinky's in Goldfield, NV keep going!  They were supposed to be open until 1600 but before 1400 the waitress was telling people they were closed. 

The courthouse and jail..

Bet you could get this cheap! Sad because a lot of these are
historical buildings with old plaques on them..:(

Who needs windows!

The Dinky Diner..:(

Was an old school..needs so much love

After we left there we drove to Crystal Rd and out to see some cars and buses that had been buried in the dirt.  Kind of like Texas. It was interesting and it did attract several people out there.  We've been through that town many times but only knew of this because John and Karen told us last night.  Interesting for a bit.  Time to head for Tonopah and check in!  
On the way to the cars..yes people live here!

Looking towards town..

A camper with a lot of junk all around it..

Just sitting on property..:(

Leaving downtown Goldfield,NV

We got here a little before 1500 and got checked in easily.  When I made reservations they had a room available with a fireplace and more so I thought why not, it was the same price as just a regular room.  Gotta say it's nice and big.  No complaints here! 
Coming into Tonopah, NV

The haunted Mizpah Hotel.

Jim Butler Motel

Bet this would be awesome in the winter!

A very nice room..

Now I as I write this we're just relaxing enjoying the room.  The concert we came to see begins at 2000. Excited to see Shawn Williams again! 

Have a great evening!!


  1. What a nice travelling day, sights to see and enjoying the ride.
    Sure looks like a very nice room. Have fun.

    1. It was a great trip and nice that it's only 150 miles from home..makes it an easy trip. It was a nice room and a great price!

  2. Those are some pretty sad looking 'homes'. It is a shame they just get left to rot and die. The hotel room looks awesome! Love the wood colours. Enjoy the concert!

  3. They are so sad and the fact that they are historical just gets me. The concert was wonderful and the room was beautiful. hard to believe it was the same price as a "regular room"..