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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Breakfast, Antique Store, Lake Lahontan and more..

Yesterday, Saturday the 15th we left here about 0630 heading to Fallon and breakfast at Stockman's Casino.  We've been there several times for lunch and the food is always good. We ordered their casino special which consisted of 2 eggs, potatoes (with bell pepper and onion), your choice of sausage or bacon and french toast or mini pancakes. It was good, but the bacon smelled very smoky and the sausage had some weird hard things in the links.  I don't eat the bacon but even Ken wasn't crazy about it..but for $3.49 with a players card not a bad deal.  We have a card but we don't play, but we'll take advantage of the specials.  Coffee was only 48 cents for Ken so we got out of there under $10.00. I'll take it.

We headed over to the sale and found it wasn't what we thought it was.  A couple of times a year the antique store holds a big sale and invites other vendors in to sell antiques in a yard sale setting.  This was more of a garage sale setting and not many vendors.  We browsed everything and ended up with nothing.  Oh well..

My sister Wendy and her husband Shawn will be retiring in a few years.  Shawn loves the gun laws and other things about NV so they'll be out in a bit to see some little towns and decide where they may want to live.  Shawn was born and raised in Minnesota so I thought he'd want to move there, but he doesn't like the winters.  

Wendy had been looking on the internet and found this house in Fallon.  Since we were there we decided to drive by and take a picture.  It needs tons of work. I did like where it sits out in the country.  Today I saw there is a sale pending. which i'm thinking is a good thing for Shawn and Wendy.  Think they may need more of a move in ready home. I do like the country side of Fallon. 
Downtown Fallon, NV

The house Wendy liked..kinda cool, but would take so much
work..10 acres of overgrown desert.

Drove by Lake Lahontan which is definitely higher than we've ever seen it! 
Lake Lahontan so full..

This is right near Highway 50..amazing

After that we decided to head for Lowe's in Fernley so Ken could get some plumbing stuff to cut in a fitting for a new sewer line to where the out house will be.  Got what we needed and then it was 1300.  We were hungry but not starving, so opted for Pioneer Crossing and their 1 trip salad bar for lunch. 

After that we headed home and by then the day was done pretty much.  Had some leftover meatloaf and I made a veggie burger for dinner.  

We watched some of the old movies we made again when the grandkids were young.  WOW...then off to bed in the guest room as it was still so hot.  

This morning I slept until 0400.  Believe me i want to sleep longer, just my body wakes up and won't let me go back to sleep.  So I tossed and turned till 0520 then started the coffee.  

Ken tied into the sewer line this morning before it go unbearably hot.  He had to run to ACE hardware in town and on the way back he called and I started his poached eggs.  We had breakfast and then I thought how about if I use the blower on the front deck and patio area (why did I do that?)..hot!  Got it done and asked Ken if there were any cold Corona Light out in the garage frig.  It was about 1215 and I was dying of thirst.  I know it's early, but water just didn't cut it.  We sat on the front porch swing and drank our beers.  Not quite finished our neighbor, Joe walked over.  He's been gone the last two weeks fighting the wild land fires in NV.  He works for Nevada Division of Forestry and is charge of an inmate crew.  He's home for 2 days and back out for 14.  So hot, I can't even imagine doing his job.  He's tough, and so is wife Stacey who holds down the fort while he's gone. 

Stacey walked over as they were getting ready to pick up their daughter Rylee from her grandma's in town.  Well, being it was so hot talked them into a few beers too.  Actually wasn't too hard to talk Joe into a beer or two as he hasn't had any in at least two weeks. 
Joe and the fire behind

Rylee drew this pic of her dad fighting fires..love
it ..she's 7..

Stacey and some well deserved beers ..haahah
Not all were hers..

They left, we ran into town to do a refill on beer and wine in case they come back over later. A few treats for Rylee too.  

Now we're in the air-conditioning just relaxing. Nice. 
Nephew Dusty and Owen attended "Ain't dead yet"
some tribute for the Grateful Dead..
Adam came and his buddy Owen was happy..:)

Pic is kinda dark but if you enlarge you can see
they have the same smile..love it

Friday, Our son Eric and family decided to get away from the heat in Cool, CA and head for Pt. Reyes National Seashore for the day.  So below are some pics from that trip...

The boys headed down to the lighthouse..

Mason and his mom

300 steps down to the lighthouse...300 steps up..

Seth and Mason on the lighthouse..

Seth and Mason

Our beautiful sunset...


  1. You really are dealing with some heat, aren't you? Too bad we can't work together on our weather and meet somewhere in the middle.
    That walk to the lighthouse looks scary. Can you tell I'm not a BIG water person?
    Love the sunsets!

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting. I haven't done the lighthouse walk in many years. Too many people in that area for us anymore. It is beautiful though. Believe me water scares me, but I do love to look at the ocean.

  3. Wendy & Shawn may be your neighbors in the future,that's exciting. You'll probably be assisting them with the exodus from Калифорния to Nevada.

    Калифорния, especially DMV, doesn't want you to leave until they drain your wallet.

    For their real estate search, Wendy should check Redfin. I've found it to be more current and accurate than many of the more well known sites, especially Zillow.

    You can click on my name in this comment to go to their website.

  4. Thanks Don..we'll use that one..if they come it'll still b a few years but always fun to look..Love your spelling of our favorite state (NOT)..