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Sunday, October 11, 2015

It's turning out to be an easygoing Sunday....

Yesterday just kinda hung around the house.  I made a trip into Yerington to sped a little money at the grocery and family dollar.  At the boys and girls club there was an event going on with a big semi and Rural Medicine Outreach.  We do have a little hospital in town but thinking it's not used much by the elderly as I saw alot of elderly people going to the event.  From the ad I saw it was offering basically free medical care and testing.  So that was nice.  I know  our medical insurance is expensive and I do know that medicare doesn't cover everything, so events like these are really nice to have. Life in a small town! Gotta love it!

 Adam and Seth went to their Homecoming Dance last night so I'll see if I can post a few pics here..

Seth on the right and his friends!

Adam ready to go to the dance

Don and Dana took Grandma and Dave to the Goat Festival in Lewisburg and sent a few pics...
Ken's brother Dave with a baby goat

Don on the left, Grandma and Dave 


Today is going to be an easy day planning on watching the Raiders game this afternoon...LIfe is hard!

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