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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ken's got his new shed!

Well, we waited and waited Monday...Tuesday am about 0730 Everett called and apologized for not making it Monday..but he would make it in a couple of hours.  Ken had actually thought about doing it himself because he's not impressed with people in business who tell you one thing and then don't follow through..but decided to go ahead and have it delivered.  After actually meeting Everett, you can see why he'd get sidetracked and not make it..very easy going likeable guy. He's about the only one in this area who does this kind of thing.  Certainly ordering it from Reno or Carson City we'd have paid alot more and I'm sure alot in delivery fees.  Enough about that, just gotta figure living in the country and a small town things  are different..but that's ok ..right Don?!  Not sure why, but we ended up paying about $400.00 less than we thought..so we're ok with the next day for that discount.

 So after it was delivered we made a run to Fernley to get some concrete blocks, cement and a few other things.  Because of the winds we get out here Ken decided to pour some piers and "tie" it down. 

Wednesday, that's what he worked on and it looks pretty darn good. 
12 x 18  3 sided storage shed

Being unloaded into place

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