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Monday, September 29, 2014

Well we did it! Spent the rest of the kids inheritance!

After trailer buying yesterday we headed back over to Boomtown for the $20.00 room.  We celebrated in the room and then headed downstairs for dinner.  We both had the steak dinner for $9.99.   Awesome..can't remember the last time Ken ever ordered steak. 

This am we took our time and about 1000 we went back downstairs to have a late breakfast...ohhhh their breakfast is soo good!  So after breakfast we decided to head to Carson Toyota and see the trucks they had come in...well, needless to say we decided to buy one!  

I hate buying new vehicles because really u have to figure most car people are crooks and you never know if they're telling u the truth..but anyway we feel like we did pretty good...$100.00 over invoice..but then you go into finance and basically they are selling all kinds of other stuff..Toyota offers all maintenance stuff for 25,000 mi or 2 years..for free..ok..then the rest is all more $$$$$...but we went ahead and bought the extended maintenance plan (75000 mi)and extended warranty for 6 years and 125,000 miles.  Not cheap but again I think it'll be worth it...and Ken has enough vehicles to take care of himself..I think he's earned this.  

Anyway, I got to drive it home and I LOVE it!   It's a Toyota Tundra, SR5, 4x4, 5.7 litre..pretty simple, ugly rims, but love the back seat for the grandkids and the radio is awesome!  

**A little story....while we in with the salesman Beau..he asked Ken to name his closest relative..so Ken says oh I guess I better give u my mom's information..so he did..Beau asks me the same thing and I start crying, couldn't help myself...Ken could give his mom's info and I can't...gave him Bryan's instead...Tomorrow is 5 years since mom passed away...in some ways it feels like forever, in others, just like yesterday...** Love u mom!!

In the showroom ready to go home!

She's home!

There is actually more room in the back, but the passenger seat
was wayyyy back as the salesman was really big! Ken sat back there
and had plenty of room!!

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  1. Wow, very nice truck. Y'all are set now, new trailer and truck. There's no stopping you.... look out America! Congratulations.